A Stoner’s Journey – Benefits of Growing Weed

What’s going on folks, it’s Jay and MJ back on another Episode of A Stoner’s Journey. Today we’re talking about the benefits of growing weed. While we did a similar episode in the past, this episode is more focused on the additional benefits of growing weed at home.

As you know, Jay has been working within the cannabis industry for almost a decade and has cropped out many times throughout his career.

While many people know about the obvious benefits of growing weed, Jay and MJ talk about those extra ones not usually seen. Things like, Patience and Quality Control are only a few that will be discussed this episode.

Benefits of Growing Weed

Throughout this episode, the duo will also be touching base on a few related themes;

  • Getting to use the whole plant
  • Connectivity with Nature
  • Caring for something other than yourself
  • By products of growing weed
  • Much more!

The episode ran for close to thirty minutes and as usual, a tangent of ideas occurred throughout the episode.

Become Self Sustainable

One of the bigger topics they talked about this episode was self-sustainability. Knowing where the things that you consume come from. This power is probably the greatest gift of growing weed. The knowledge that you can make your own medicine, food and a whole lot more.

Cannabis is the great liberator and if you’re in the mood to become disruptive of a system, start growing your own weed at home.

We’re not encouraging you to break the law, but as they say…good people disobey bad laws.

For more information and to submit your questions and comments, you can always check out StonersForum for more or hit us up on Twitter @Stoner_Journey.


Thanks again for tuning in and we’ll be back on Thursday with the regular schedule.

Happy Tokes!



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