A Stoner’s Journey Ep 10 – CBD & Cancer

What’s good folks! This is Jay and Splint here coming to you with another episode of A Stoner’s Journey. Today we talk about CBD in general, but also did a side rant on cancer. For those of you are suffering medical conditions, we’ll be talking you through how cannabidiol can help you.

A Bit About CBD

Before we jump into the full section, here’s a quick recap about what is cannabidiol.

  • It’s a cannabinoid
  • It’s non-psychoactive
  • It helps against seizure disorders
  • helps diminish anxiety
  • helps with depression
  • anti-inflammatory
  • neuro-protectant
  • Could be derived from the Hemp plant or the Cannabis plant

Splint & Jay talks about their personal experience with cannabidiol, specifically in relation to how it helped them with their sleep issues, smoking and much more! You could read this or simply hit play.

Cancer and CBD

Splint and Jay also talk about the effects of CBD and THC in relation to cancer. They talk about the origins of cancer, how both of these interact with cancer cells and some real world tips on how you can effectively fight your cancer as well.

Cannabinoids are an essential human need, after you hear this podcast, you too will be convinced that you need both THC and CBD in your life.


To see more of our projects you can always check out Smoking Joker, or follow us on our various social media channels. For Question, always submit them at ForumDeStoners and get in touch! We hope you’re having a good day while listening to it and will see you next Thursday for the next episode of A Stoner’s Journey.

As always, keep on smoking those jokers and if you can, start using some CBD and let us know in the forum how it went.

Until Next time!

Let your bowls overflow and Happy Tokes!



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