A Stoner’s Journey EP 11 – Where to Find Weed!

What’s up stoners! This is Splint & Jay with a brand new episode of A Stoner’s Journey. Today we’re talking about “How to find weed” if you’re in a new spot. It’s not a problem for those living in legal marijuana states, however for those that are not fortunate enough to live in a 420 friendly place…you have to get creative.


Where to Find Weed

In this episode, Splint and Jay talk about how they go about finding new hookups. It’s not always easy when you’re fresh in a place.

To help summarize;

  • Go to your Local Headshop
  • Go to places where college students hang out
  • Identify shady [not too shady] neighborhoods
  • Ask a hippy!

There are other ways to find weed, however, these are the most common ways to track down a baggy.

Let them deliver

The ultimate goal of every stoner is to find a hookup that can deliver. No need to risk your own liberty for the ganja…

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