A Stoner’s Journey EP 13 – Traveling with Weed

What’s going on Stoners! Welcome to a new Episode of  “A Stoner’s Journey“. In this episode we’re talking about Traveling with Weed.

We don’t ever recommend that anyone breaks the law. However, if you are going to be doing it anyway, it’s best to be smart about it.

Traveling with Weed Rules

Firstly, you don’t ever want to travel with a lot of weed. Always have enough marijuana to dispose off rather quickly. Secondly, if you can, don’t travel with “buds” but rather travel with other forms of cannabis (wax, hash, edibles etc). It’s much more difficult to get caught when you don’t have physical weed on you.

Traveling with weed is risky business. If you travel with a lot of cannabis on you, you could easily be tried for intent to distribute.

Furthermore, if you’re going to be crossing international borders…it’s not wise to be traveling with weed at all!

DEA Assist! 

As mentioned within the PotCast…we spoke about a DEA agent that helps stoners not to get caught. The guy’s Youtube channel is called “Never Get Busted”. He’s got a lot of series on different things so please check it out. You’ll never get busted as the channel claims…granted you follow the tips.


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