A Stoner’s Journey EP 14 – Stoner Sciences

What’s going on everybody! Splint & Jay are at it again with A Stoner’s Journey and this time they are talking Stoner Sciences.

What exactly are Stoner Sciences?

Stoner Sciences refer to the art of changing the format and method of smoking. This could mean building bongs, creating extracts and the likes. Today, Splint & Jay talk about 4 amazing stoner hacks you can implement today!

Stoner Sciences is something that every stoner develops over the years. From the moment you made your first organic pipe from a carrot or an apple…you’ve embarked on the fascinating world of stoner sciences.

Discussed in this Episode

The stoner duo starts off with telling you how to make a pipe out of fruit or a vegetable. Then, they move onto how you can make hash from pollen. They also talk about making the infamous “Smoke Homie”, the cheaper more ghetto version of the Smoke Buddy.

If you want the final tip, then you’ll just have to listen to the potcast.


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As for Stoner Sciences, this episode should set the foundation for all your Weedsperiments you have brewing in that mind of yours.

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