A Stoner’s Journey EP 15 – Cannabis and Depression

What’s going on Stoners!

Splint & Jay is back with a new episode on “A Stoner’s Journey”. We’ve now finally hit 15 episodes and going strong. Thanks to all the people who have been listening and seeing that the last episode we almost hit 600 views, we’re dumbfounded.

Today, Splint & Jay will talk about Cannabis and Depression…

Cannabis and Depression – Is there a Link?

Some people believe that cannabis causes depression. The problem with this is that there is no scientific evidence to back it up. Rather, what we have found is that depressive people tend to use cannabis as a form of self-medication.

Splint talks a bit about his own depression and how cannabis has helped him in the past. Jay provides some tips on how to fight depression using cannabis, and how to shift your perspective to start living a life worth living.

Cannabis and Depression – How does it help?

As Splint explains in the episode, cannabis provides a window for depressive people to make a choice to be happy. Depression is an everyday battle and one must choose “happy.”

Cannabis provides you with a small window to make this decision. To see things from a different perspective. To get outside of your own head for a minute.

This is often more than enough to provide people with the insight to change their outlook within this world. Furthermore, Jay talks about how you can do a simple exercise to change your perception.

Cannabis and Depression is a topic that has been discussed for decades, however today Jay and Splint provides you with additional insight on how to practically address the issue.

Final Thoughts

Thanks again for listening to our episodes. We’re always working on providing you with more quality cannabis content and if you want to submit a question you can do it on ForumDeStoners or on Twitter @Stoner_Journey.

Hit us up there whenever you want to chat. We’re accepting more topic requests currently and would love to have some feedback from you guys.

Thanks again!


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