A Stoner’s Journey EP 17 – Is Weed Addictive?

What’s going on Stoners!

Welcome to EP 17 of A Stoner’s Journey. Today is a very special episode dealing with the big question, “Is Weed Addictive?”

Unfortunately, Splint isn’t with us in this episode as Jay went on the road. However, we’re not making¬† A Stoner’s Journey a monologue, we’re bringing in another co-host and boy is she a doozy!

Meet MJ, with a Masters in Psychoanalysis, she brings in a unique new perspective to the show. Splint will be joining back with us in the next few months, however, in the meanwhile, we’ll continue to be delivering bi-weekly new podcasts.

As usual, check out our Podbean channel for the past episodes or simply continue to look here on PotCastSession. Also, you can get in touch with us on Twitter @Stoner_Journey where we are receiving comments.

Is Weed Addictive?

This episode walks us through the various different elements of addiction and whether or not weed can be addictive. For more about this awesome topic, simply press play and smoke a bowl and listen to the wisdom of A Stoner’s Journey.

Answering the question, “Is Weed Addictive” is an important point to cover. With legalization occurring all over the world, many people will be wondering on this topic. Today, we dispell the myths, we talk about the psychological aspects of addiction and the physical as well.

Once more, thanks for joining us here on A Stoner’s Journey and we will be uploading new topics shortly. We enjoy hearing from you guys, so hit us up on our social media channels and follow us everywhere.

We will be keeping you in the loop about when Splint is back, but until then it will be hosted by Jay and MJ. Don’t worry, we’ll always keep on delivering quality to you stoners!

Happy Tokes!



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