A Stoner’s Journey EP 3 – The Great Marijuana Conspiracy

What’s going on folks!

This is Splint & Jay coming to you again with a new episode where we talk about “The Great Marijuana Conspiracy”. We also have a surprise guest jump in somewhere in the middle of the potcast.

For those of you who would like to “Submit a Question” simply head over to Forum De Stoners and sign up for Free. We will be making a specific thread for the show so you can all drop your comments, questions and the likes right there.

We’re always working on creating better content for you guys and appreciate the views we’ve been getting. On our first videos, we hit almost 100 views, which is insane seeing that we started off in the shadows.

You can see our other projects for both Splint and Myself at Smoking Joker, which is our weed/music collective. We’re also heavily involved with sites [Our Sponsors] such as Marijuana Metropolitan, CannabisWikipedia and Marijuanalization. So go ahead and check that out. You can also suggest topics we cover on those sites.

Anyhow, we appreciate the feedback so please drop us a comment and remember to subscribe to us for more interesting content twice a week. [THURS – SUN]

Keep on toking stoners!



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