A Stoner’s Journey EP 4 – Stoner Relationships

Hey Guys! It’s Splint & Jay with another PotCast Session following our series “A Stoner’s Journey” EP 4. Today we’re talking about “Stoner Relationships”. Today Splint selected our main talking theme, however for those interested in getting in touch with us, we’re scouring ForumDeStoners with our own special section to submit questions, comments and the likes. You can submit your question here.

The big questions we are asking are, “How are stoner relationships?” “Is there a way to be in a relationship if you smoke but your partner doesn’t?”

Benefits of Stoner Relationships

Stoner Relationships

In terms of the first aspect of our stoner relationship talk, we’re taking a look at what are the benefits of you and your partner smoking together. What we mentioned were the following;

  1. Marijuana helps to remove a bit of the “ego” from stoner relationships, meaning that you have a greater disposition to listen to your partner.
  2. Marijuana helps with anger and stress management
  3. It’s an activity that enhances the sexual experience in stoner relationships
  4. It can be applied topically, meaning it provides a deeper interactive dynamics between you and your partner [Massages, physical touch, emotional links]

Both Splint and I have had many years in solid stoner relationships. I have been with my partner for the past 10 years and Splint is going on five years. As you can see, these aren’t immature relationships. Our dynamics would have been completely different if we didn’t smoke weed, and even if one of us smokes weed and the other doesn’t.

What if one smokes weed and the other doesn’t?

Stoner Relationships

Well, we came to a conclusion within the Potcast. If you are in a stoner relationship and your partner doesn’t partake, yet doesn’t have any opposition to you toking up, it’s all good! On the other hand, if you smoke weed and your partner says things like, “You can smoke, just not in front of me”, these are signs of trouble.

In fact, “Not Smoking in front” of your partner actually means “Don’t be high in front of your partner”. You don’t want to be in a relationship where you are constantly feeling guilty for simply being you.

We cover all this and more within the Episode so be sure to spark up a bowl and to listen to the entire episode.

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Also, we did mention we’re going to leave you a post about the Weed Stems, so here you go!

Thanks again for Tuning in, we’re absolutely amazed at how many people have responded to us on Steemit and here on PotCastSessions.

As always, Happy Toking!


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