A Stoner’s Journey Ep 5 – Making Money with Marijuana

What’s going on folks! Today Splint & Jay answers a user submitted question about making money with marijuana. A Stoner’s Journey is a live discussion about all things cannabis with a new episode every Thursday and Sunday.

The cannabis industry is growing every year. In fact, it’s the fastest growing industry in the United States. With so many new business opportunities, there are many different ways you the individual can go about making money with marijuana.

In today’s episode, Splint & Jay talk both about making money with marijuana from the perspective of the physical sector and the digital sector.

Making Money With Marijuana In Detail

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The first thing we have to understand is that the cannabis industry is like any other industry. The mere fact that you are working with cannabis, doesn’t mean that the professional appeal of the industry faded. Rather, those who know how to navigate the balance of being a stoner and professional [a Professional Stoner] are more likely to succeed with landing a cannabis related job.

For the physical sector, tracking down the right job can be hard. The first thing you would need to do is identify where you’d like to work. You can easily translate your existing job skills with a cannabis twist.

Electricians, Lawyers, Plumbers and the likes all have translatable skills. If you’re interested in actually growing cannabis, the trick is to make yourself appealing to a prospective farm or dispensary. People who have a background in horticulture and studied up on cannabis, you should apply with those credentials. If you can actually grow a strain, do so as part of your interview. Show people your knowledge of cannabis.

But where do you find these people?

making money with marijuana, marijuana money

At networking events, cannabis cups, hemp fests and the likes. You actually have to go out and meet people. Alternatively, you can also search online. There are a number of online sites that publish job postings. Search them out, update your CV to be cannabis relevant and do something outside of the box to grab the attention of the employer. Remember, you’re competing with other intuitive stoners.

The other approach is digital. All of these cannabis businesses require a digital presence. This means that they need content. They need marketers, designers, writers, video-graphers and the likes. If you’re good at taking pictures or designing logos, there is plenty of opportunities out there for you.

Finally, if you’re a marketing genius and know how to create serious traffic to a marijuana website. Then you can build up marijuana related websites and flip them. Many marijuana businesses, seeing that they can’t use traditional marketing, are looking to buy cannabis sites.

A million unique visits per month translates into millions of dollars for the domain. Sure, you’d probably spend between $60k-$100k to build it up. However, the reward is definitely worth the investment.

Final Thoughts

There are many on making money with marijuana. As the sector expands. We will see new opportunities arise. It’s your job to position yourself to get a job in this growing industry. If you are truly serious about breaking into the marijuana industry. You will need to create a relevant skill profile and pitch your services to the cannabis businesses. 

If you have more questions, submit them to ForumDeStoners under our thread “A Stoner’s Journey”.  

Until next time! Happy Tokes! 

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