A Stoner’s Journey Ep 6 – Quality Weed & Home Growing

What’s going on guys! Welcome to another episode of A Stoner’s Journey. This episode Splint & Jay talk about Quality Weed and Home Growing for both newbies and experts alike. Being one of their longer potcasts, this episode is bound to provide you with some real insights from analyzing a bad sack of weed and an awesome one!

Understanding What is and What is not Quality Weed

Quality Weed

The duo starts off with talking about what is bad quality weed. They talk about smells, seeds, leaves, curing and drying. Splint & Jay cover the basics that everyone should know about spotting a bad bag of weed.

They also speak about how “brick weed” is going extinct and that over the next five to ten years people won’t really be exposed to bad weed anymore. Nonetheless, for those who still have to cipher through bad sacks of weed, Splint & Jay provide insight on how you can spot what is bad.

Conversely, they also talk about quality weed. What makes a baggy be worth every dollar you are spending on it. From the terpene profile, to the bud compression, resin and much more, Jay and Splint walk you through what you need to know about getting premium cannabis.

What’s going to happen to the underground?

Jay believes that the black market weed will never go truly away. While cannabis might become legal for folks older than 21, there is still a demographic that will consume illegally. While these kids won’t buy their weed from cartels anymore, they would in all likeliness buy from other people who are selling in their communities.

The legal market is beating the illegal market. This means, that eventually all “illegal” crops will be locally sourced.

Growing your own quality weed

Eventually the two start talking about growing your own weed at home. They talk you through the basics for CFL growing, provide tips for keeping it discreet and makes the case why every stoner should at least once grow their own bud at home.

They also talk about a few crops that blew their minds away. To hear it all, just click play!

Remember, you can always see more about Splint And Jay at Smoking Joker or you can follow them on their various cannabis related projects.





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