A Stoner’s Journey EP 9 – Weed Myths

marijuana mythsWhat’s good stoners! This is Jay & Splint coming to you with another episode of A Stoner’s Journey. Today we’re talking about Weed Myths, which was a question submitted by the user Wesley Pipes on ForumDeStoners. If you want to drop us a line, simply hit us up on the forum. We check it everyday.

So what about weed myths? How did they come to be?

Today we’ll be talking about three particular weed myths and have decided we’ll do a follow up episode on this one a few episodes further down.

Weed Myths 1 – Cannabis Users are Criminal

The first myth we tackle is the one about how marijuana users tend to be more criminal in their behavior. We go through the reasons how this myth came to be and dispute it with facts.

Weed Myths 2 – Demotivational Syndrome

The next myth we talk about is a common one. Smoke weed and you’ll become lazy. We go through the profile of the average stoner in terms of jobs, annual income and why a change in perspective might be seen as being “demotivated”.

Weed Myths 3 – Gateway Theory

This is probably one of the more known myths out there. We dispute the gateway theory myth with actual facts, statistics and consumption rates, pre and post legalization.


As always, thanks for tuning in and hearing us out. For more about our other projects, check us out on Smoking Joker and be sure to submit your questions on Forum De Stoners. We might be thinking of opening up a twitter so you guys can get in touch with us directly.

Once more, have a great one and keep on toking!


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