A Stoner’s Journey EP 9 – Weed Myths

marijuana mythsWhat’s good stoners! This is Jay & Splint coming to you with another episode of A Stoner’s Journey. Today we’re talking about Weed Myths, which was a question submitted by the user Wesley Pipes on ForumDeStoners. If you want to drop us a line, simply hit us up on the forum. We check it everyday.

So what about weed myths? How did they come to be?

Today we’ll be talking about three particular weed myths and have decided we’ll do a follow up episode on this one a few episodes further down.

Weed Myths 1 – Cannabis Users are Criminal

The first myth we tackle is the one about how marijuana users tend to be more criminal in their behavior. We go through the reasons how this myth came to be and dispute it with facts.

Weed Myths 2 – Demotivational Syndrome

The next myth we talk about is a common one. Smoke weed and you’ll become lazy. We go through the profile of the average stoner in terms of jobs, annual income and why a change in perspective might be seen as being “demotivated”.

Weed Myths 3 – Gateway Theory

This is probably one of the more known myths out there. We dispute the gateway theory myth with actual facts, statistics and consumption rates, pre and post legalization.


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Once more, have a great one and keep on toking!

A Stoner’s Journey EP 8 – Alcohol VS Cannabis

What’s going on stoners! We’re back with another episode of A Stoner’s Journey and today we’re talking about Alcohol vs Cannabis. This debate has been going on for ages and today Splint and Jay talk about their personal experiences with both, especially after they had a run in with alcohol recently.

A Stoners Journey is all about showing the world that cannabis users are coherent, even if they are under the influence. The show is designed to challenge your thinking and engage in a conversation about the versatile world of cannabis.

Alcohol Vs Cannabis – What do we know?

alcohol vs cannabisSplint & Jay take on the Alcohol vs Cannabis debate by outlining the differences between the two including facts of deaths related to the substances. Of course, cannabis has claimed absolutely no lives…ever, whereas alcohol kills about 88,000 people in the U.S alone. Additionally, alcohol has been linked to roughly 40% of all violent crimes. This is something that you don’t see with cannabis.

You won’t get a hangover with cannabis. You won’t ever get “bear goggles with cannabis”. These are only a few of the differences between the two, the entire episode has much more value. Just give it a listen!

Alcohol vs Cannabis: Which is worse

alcohol vs cannabis

It all depends from the perspective you are looking from. In terms of health, cannabis poses a lesser risk to the user. However, if you’re looking at it through the perspective of morality. There is no difference at all. If you are a free individual, you should be allowed to put whatever into your own body as long as you don’t infringe on the freedoms of others. It’s a simple rule to follow and can be applied to all drugs.

Splint and Jay wrap up the entire potcast with a call to action to all people, “Let’s not discriminate because of substance choices.” This is something that we should all adapt, whether we smoke weed or drink booze. Nobody should be judged by their consumption choices.

But enough of that…just listen to the potcast and you’ll know what we’re talking about. As always, be sure to check out our other projects at Smoking Joker and be sure to follow us on all our social media channels!

A Stoner’s Journey EP 7 – Can you OD on Weed?

What’s good folks! We’re back with another episode of A Stoner’s Journey. Today we’ll be talking about, “Can you OD on Weed? and will clarify what that actually means, what you need to do when you did eat one too many brownies and so forth.

First of all, we’d like to thank all you folks for submitting your questions at Forum De Stoners. We appreciate the feedback. This week we answered a question from “Jane Smoker” who asked us if it is possible to OD on Weed.

Can you OD on Weed?

can you od on weedThe first thing we need to clarify is the difference between an OD and a Lethal OD. You see, people think that an OD means you die. This is not true. An OD literally means you simply ‘over-dosed’ the substance you’re taking. In other words, you ate one too many brownies.

Jay and Splint talk about the LD-50 of marijuana. The LD-50 is a measurement system that tests substances’ lethality by administrating the substance to lab rats. When 50% of the lab rats dies…that establishes the LD-50 of the substance. Marijuana’s LD-50 is set between 1:20,000 and 1:40,000. This means you’d have to smoke roughly 1500 pounds in 15 minutes to induce a lethal dose of marijuana.

What to do when you OD own Weed

The first thing you need to understand if you OD on weed is that you have to remain calm. Understanding that you can’t die from a weed OD is key. It will help you remain calm and collected. Nevertheless, we suggest you find a quiet dark room, and remove yourself from people. You’re going to be in for a trip!

Remember to breathe and to keep calm. Have water by and face your inner demons. The Weed OD will reveal to you many things hidden under the surface of your being.

For more, just hit play and listen to the full potcast…which just so happened to be our longest potcast yet!


For more, be sure to check out Smoking Joker and be sure to submit your questions to Forum de Stoners if you want to participate in the potcast! We hope we helped answer the question, can you OD on weed effectively!

A Stoner’s Journey Ep 6 – Quality Weed & Home Growing

What’s going on guys! Welcome to another episode of A Stoner’s Journey. This episode Splint & Jay talk about Quality Weed and Home Growing for both newbies and experts alike. Being one of their longer potcasts, this episode is bound to provide you with some real insights from analyzing a bad sack of weed and an awesome one!

Understanding What is and What is not Quality Weed

Quality Weed

The duo starts off with talking about what is bad quality weed. They talk about smells, seeds, leaves, curing and drying. Splint & Jay cover the basics that everyone should know about spotting a bad bag of weed.

They also speak about how “brick weed” is going extinct and that over the next five to ten years people won’t really be exposed to bad weed anymore. Nonetheless, for those who still have to cipher through bad sacks of weed, Splint & Jay provide insight on how you can spot what is bad.

Conversely, they also talk about quality weed. What makes a baggy be worth every dollar you are spending on it. From the terpene profile, to the bud compression, resin and much more, Jay and Splint walk you through what you need to know about getting premium cannabis.

What’s going to happen to the underground?

Jay believes that the black market weed will never go truly away. While cannabis might become legal for folks older than 21, there is still a demographic that will consume illegally. While these kids won’t buy their weed from cartels anymore, they would in all likeliness buy from other people who are selling in their communities.

The legal market is beating the illegal market. This means, that eventually all “illegal” crops will be locally sourced.

Growing your own quality weed

Eventually the two start talking about growing your own weed at home. They talk you through the basics for CFL growing, provide tips for keeping it discreet and makes the case why every stoner should at least once grow their own bud at home.

They also talk about a few crops that blew their minds away. To hear it all, just click play!

Remember, you can always see more about Splint And Jay at Smoking Joker or you can follow them on their various cannabis related projects.




A Stoner’s Journey Ep 5 – Making Money with Marijuana

What’s going on folks! Today Splint & Jay answers a user submitted question about making money with marijuana. A Stoner’s Journey is a live discussion about all things cannabis with a new episode every Thursday and Sunday.

The cannabis industry is growing every year. In fact, it’s the fastest growing industry in the United States. With so many new business opportunities, there are many different ways you the individual can go about making money with marijuana.

In today’s episode, Splint & Jay talk both about making money with marijuana from the perspective of the physical sector and the digital sector.

Making Money With Marijuana In Detail

making money with marijuana, marijuana money,

The first thing we have to understand is that the cannabis industry is like any other industry. The mere fact that you are working with cannabis, doesn’t mean that the professional appeal of the industry faded. Rather, those who know how to navigate the balance of being a stoner and professional [a Professional Stoner] are more likely to succeed with landing a cannabis related job.

For the physical sector, tracking down the right job can be hard. The first thing you would need to do is identify where you’d like to work. You can easily translate your existing job skills with a cannabis twist.

Electricians, Lawyers, Plumbers and the likes all have translatable skills. If you’re interested in actually growing cannabis, the trick is to make yourself appealing to a prospective farm or dispensary. People who have a background in horticulture and studied up on cannabis, you should apply with those credentials. If you can actually grow a strain, do so as part of your interview. Show people your knowledge of cannabis.

But where do you find these people?

making money with marijuana, marijuana money

At networking events, cannabis cups, hemp fests and the likes. You actually have to go out and meet people. Alternatively, you can also search online. There are a number of online sites that publish job postings. Search them out, update your CV to be cannabis relevant and do something outside of the box to grab the attention of the employer. Remember, you’re competing with other intuitive stoners.

The other approach is digital. All of these cannabis businesses require a digital presence. This means that they need content. They need marketers, designers, writers, video-graphers and the likes. If you’re good at taking pictures or designing logos, there is plenty of opportunities out there for you.

Finally, if you’re a marketing genius and know how to create serious traffic to a marijuana website. Then you can build up marijuana related websites and flip them. Many marijuana businesses, seeing that they can’t use traditional marketing, are looking to buy cannabis sites.

A million unique visits per month translates into millions of dollars for the domain. Sure, you’d probably spend between $60k-$100k to build it up. However, the reward is definitely worth the investment.

Final Thoughts

There are many on making money with marijuana. As the sector expands. We will see new opportunities arise. It’s your job to position yourself to get a job in this growing industry. If you are truly serious about breaking into the marijuana industry. You will need to create a relevant skill profile and pitch your services to the cannabis businesses. 

If you have more questions, submit them to ForumDeStoners under our thread “A Stoner’s Journey”.  

Until next time! Happy Tokes! 

Most Memorable Phrase

Stoner’s are a creative bunch. Give a Stoner an Apple, They Come Back with a Pipe.



A Stoner’s Journey EP 4 – Stoner Relationships

Hey Guys! It’s Splint & Jay with another PotCast Session following our series “A Stoner’s Journey” EP 4. Today we’re talking about “Stoner Relationships”. Today Splint selected our main talking theme, however for those interested in getting in touch with us, we’re scouring ForumDeStoners with our own special section to submit questions, comments and the likes. You can submit your question here.

The big questions we are asking are, “How are stoner relationships?” “Is there a way to be in a relationship if you smoke but your partner doesn’t?”

Benefits of Stoner Relationships

Stoner Relationships

In terms of the first aspect of our stoner relationship talk, we’re taking a look at what are the benefits of you and your partner smoking together. What we mentioned were the following;

  1. Marijuana helps to remove a bit of the “ego” from stoner relationships, meaning that you have a greater disposition to listen to your partner.
  2. Marijuana helps with anger and stress management
  3. It’s an activity that enhances the sexual experience in stoner relationships
  4. It can be applied topically, meaning it provides a deeper interactive dynamics between you and your partner [Massages, physical touch, emotional links]

Both Splint and I have had many years in solid stoner relationships. I have been with my partner for the past 10 years and Splint is going on five years. As you can see, these aren’t immature relationships. Our dynamics would have been completely different if we didn’t smoke weed, and even if one of us smokes weed and the other doesn’t.

What if one smokes weed and the other doesn’t?

Stoner Relationships

Well, we came to a conclusion within the Potcast. If you are in a stoner relationship and your partner doesn’t partake, yet doesn’t have any opposition to you toking up, it’s all good! On the other hand, if you smoke weed and your partner says things like, “You can smoke, just not in front of me”, these are signs of trouble.

In fact, “Not Smoking in front” of your partner actually means “Don’t be high in front of your partner”. You don’t want to be in a relationship where you are constantly feeling guilty for simply being you.

We cover all this and more within the Episode so be sure to spark up a bowl and to listen to the entire episode.

As always, you can follow our Facebook to find out what we’re doing musically and be sure to submit your comments within the Forum De Stoners.

Also, we did mention we’re going to leave you a post about the Weed Stems, so here you go!

Thanks again for Tuning in, we’re absolutely amazed at how many people have responded to us on Steemit and here on PotCastSessions.

As always, Happy Toking!

A Stoner’s Journey EP 3 – The Great Marijuana Conspiracy

What’s going on folks!

This is Splint & Jay coming to you again with a new episode where we talk about “The Great Marijuana Conspiracy”. We also have a surprise guest jump in somewhere in the middle of the potcast.

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Keep on toking stoners!


A Stoner’s Journey EP 2

Splint and Jay’s weekly podcast. This week episode is ” A Stoner’s Journey”.

This episode, they start off with a Cannabis Dab which is a marijuana extract. As per usual with the Stoner’s Journey, the duo tackles a question submitted on Stoner’s Forum – a place where you can submit your questions as well. The question they talked about today was the different strains and how to properly use them. Eventually, Splint gets way to baked and starts chanting old hymns…you have to hear it to get it.

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Once the schedule is completed, there will be a PotCast Session every Thursday and Sunday.

Keep on Toking!


A Stoner’s Journey Ep 1

Splint and Jay’s weekly podcast. This week episode is ” A Stoner’s Journey – The Beginning”

A brand new stoner-dedicated show by Splint and Jay from Smoking Joker who answers questions submitted from the public on Stoner’s Forum – Sign up for FREE and submit your questions!

In this first episode, the Duo starts off the sessions with some Moon Rock and initiated a community potcast tradition. In Today’s episode, they talk about ‘Coming out of the Stoner Closet’ and the human right violation of cannabis prohibition.

So sit back, relax and spark a doob…A Stoner’s Journey Starts Here!

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