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A Stoner’s Journey EP – 19 – Weed Introspection

What’s going on stoners! Welcome back to another Episode of “A Stoner’s Journey”. Today your hosts, Jay and MJ talk about weed introspection – is it a thing? While this might sound like a broad topic, the hosts actually touch base on some very interesting points.

Weed Introspection

Jay mentions in the episode that since he started smoking weed, he’s been undergoing a process of becoming ‘less stuck up’ about his ideas. He started taking a moment to look at things from a different perspective and thus entered into a cycle of introspection, questioning his own beliefs and so forth. There are many other cannabis users that have gone through the same process. In fact, even Reddit has a full on thread dedicated to this topic.

The fact of the matter is that when you smoke weed it shifts your perspective slightly, allowing you to view things in a different light. This is particularly one of the ideas that both MJ and Jay discuss in details within the podcast.

Does Weed Introspection work with everyone?

Obviously, this isn’t an exact science and considering that we’re talking about consciousness and the interpretation of reality, we can’t say this applies to everyone. However, the vast majority of the people who have smoked weed for elongated periods of time know that cannabis and introspection go together like peanut butter and jelly. There’s just something about the “high state” that allows one to enter easily into a state of inner reflection.

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Tomorrow we’ll be uploading another episode since we got backed up over the past week, but don’t worry, from this week we should be back on track.


Thanks for tuning in again and we hope you learned something new with cannabis and introspection.

Until next time…Happy Tokes!

A Stoner’s Journey – Benefits of Growing Weed

What’s going on folks, it’s Jay and MJ back on another Episode of A Stoner’s Journey. Today we’re talking about the benefits of growing weed. While we did a similar episode in the past, this episode is more focused on the additional benefits of growing weed at home.

As you know, Jay has been working within the cannabis industry for almost a decade and has cropped out many times throughout his career.

While many people know about the obvious benefits of growing weed, Jay and MJ talk about those extra ones not usually seen. Things like, Patience and Quality Control are only a few that will be discussed this episode.

Benefits of Growing Weed

Throughout this episode, the duo will also be touching base on a few related themes;

  • Getting to use the whole plant
  • Connectivity with Nature
  • Caring for something other than yourself
  • By products of growing weed
  • Much more!

The episode ran for close to thirty minutes and as usual, a tangent of ideas occurred throughout the episode.

Become Self Sustainable

One of the bigger topics they talked about this episode was self-sustainability. Knowing where the things that you consume come from. This power is probably the greatest gift of growing weed. The knowledge that you can make your own medicine, food and a whole lot more.

Cannabis is the great liberator and if you’re in the mood to become disruptive of a system, start growing your own weed at home.

We’re not encouraging you to break the law, but as they say…good people disobey bad laws.

For more information and to submit your questions and comments, you can always check out StonersForum for more or hit us up on Twitter @Stoner_Journey.


Thanks again for tuning in and we’ll be back on Thursday with the regular schedule.

Happy Tokes!


A Stoner’s Journey EP 17 – Is Weed Addictive?

What’s going on Stoners!

Welcome to EP 17 of A Stoner’s Journey. Today is a very special episode dealing with the big question, “Is Weed Addictive?”

Unfortunately, Splint isn’t with us in this episode as Jay went on the road. However, we’re not making  A Stoner’s Journey a monologue, we’re bringing in another co-host and boy is she a doozy!

Meet MJ, with a Masters in Psychoanalysis, she brings in a unique new perspective to the show. Splint will be joining back with us in the next few months, however, in the meanwhile, we’ll continue to be delivering bi-weekly new podcasts.

As usual, check out our Podbean channel for the past episodes or simply continue to look here on PotCastSession. Also, you can get in touch with us on Twitter @Stoner_Journey where we are receiving comments.

Is Weed Addictive?

This episode walks us through the various different elements of addiction and whether or not weed can be addictive. For more about this awesome topic, simply press play and smoke a bowl and listen to the wisdom of A Stoner’s Journey.

Answering the question, “Is Weed Addictive” is an important point to cover. With legalization occurring all over the world, many people will be wondering on this topic. Today, we dispell the myths, we talk about the psychological aspects of addiction and the physical as well.

Once more, thanks for joining us here on A Stoner’s Journey and we will be uploading new topics shortly. We enjoy hearing from you guys, so hit us up on our social media channels and follow us everywhere.

We will be keeping you in the loop about when Splint is back, but until then it will be hosted by Jay and MJ. Don’t worry, we’ll always keep on delivering quality to you stoners!

Happy Tokes!


A Stoner’s Journey EP 16 – Stoner Etiquette 101

Hey Folks! Welcome to another episode of A Stoner’s Journey. Today we’re dedicating this episode to all the Cannabis Newbies out there with Stoner Etiquette 101.

Being a stoner means following a code. This episode will give you the basic idea behind the stoner etiquette you need to follow to ensure that you’re always on the “up and Up”

Stoner Etiquette basics

It’s really simple to be a stoner. There are no real mortal sins. However, there are certain actions that are frowned upon. Things like passing a cashed bowl, slobbering a joint or breaking a bong all have consequences. If you don’t want to be “That Guy” in your smoking circle…it might be a good idea to sit down and listen to what Splint & Jay has to talk about in relation to Stoner Etiquette.


Not Set in Stone

If you’re guilty of any of these “stoner sins”, don’t worry. There’s a way to remedy every transgression. Splint and Jay talks about common stoner sins and how to remedy them.

Remember, A Stoner’s Journey is a bi-weekly podcast that focuses on the lifestyle, culture and medical applications of cannabis. Whether you’re smoking weed for recreational purposes or medical reasons, you will always find a nug of truth within a Stoner’s Journey.

If you want to submit questions, you can always head out to ForumDeStoners or hit us up directly on twitter @stoner_journey.

This coming week, Splint will be away for a few sessions so we’ll be visited by another Stoner MJ to bring in a feminine point of view.

Stay tuned, turn on notifications and follow us on Twitter for the latest episodes of the channel. We’re always increasing the level of our content and love to hear from the community. Be sure to reach out to us so that we can get your questions on the channel.

A Stoner’s Journey EP 15 – Cannabis and Depression

What’s going on Stoners!

Splint & Jay is back with a new episode on “A Stoner’s Journey”. We’ve now finally hit 15 episodes and going strong. Thanks to all the people who have been listening and seeing that the last episode we almost hit 600 views, we’re dumbfounded.

Today, Splint & Jay will talk about Cannabis and Depression…

Cannabis and Depression – Is there a Link?

Some people believe that cannabis causes depression. The problem with this is that there is no scientific evidence to back it up. Rather, what we have found is that depressive people tend to use cannabis as a form of self-medication.

Splint talks a bit about his own depression and how cannabis has helped him in the past. Jay provides some tips on how to fight depression using cannabis, and how to shift your perspective to start living a life worth living.

Cannabis and Depression – How does it help?

As Splint explains in the episode, cannabis provides a window for depressive people to make a choice to be happy. Depression is an everyday battle and one must choose “happy.”

Cannabis provides you with a small window to make this decision. To see things from a different perspective. To get outside of your own head for a minute.

This is often more than enough to provide people with the insight to change their outlook within this world. Furthermore, Jay talks about how you can do a simple exercise to change your perception.

Cannabis and Depression is a topic that has been discussed for decades, however today Jay and Splint provides you with additional insight on how to practically address the issue.

Final Thoughts

Thanks again for listening to our episodes. We’re always working on providing you with more quality cannabis content and if you want to submit a question you can do it on ForumDeStoners or on Twitter @Stoner_Journey.

Hit us up there whenever you want to chat. We’re accepting more topic requests currently and would love to have some feedback from you guys.

Thanks again!

A Stoner’s Journey EP 14 – Stoner Sciences

What’s going on everybody! Splint & Jay are at it again with A Stoner’s Journey and this time they are talking Stoner Sciences.

What exactly are Stoner Sciences?

Stoner Sciences refer to the art of changing the format and method of smoking. This could mean building bongs, creating extracts and the likes. Today, Splint & Jay talk about 4 amazing stoner hacks you can implement today!

Stoner Sciences is something that every stoner develops over the years. From the moment you made your first organic pipe from a carrot or an apple…you’ve embarked on the fascinating world of stoner sciences.

Discussed in this Episode

The stoner duo starts off with telling you how to make a pipe out of fruit or a vegetable. Then, they move onto how you can make hash from pollen. They also talk about making the infamous “Smoke Homie”, the cheaper more ghetto version of the Smoke Buddy.

If you want the final tip, then you’ll just have to listen to the potcast.


For those of you who want to submit questions, we’re always open to them. You can check out ForumDeStoners or hit us up directly on Twitter @Stoner_Journey

We upload new episodes every Thursday and Friday and are currently uploading our backlogged episodes on our Podbean channel. 

If you’re interested in reaching out to us or simply finding out more about what we’re doing, communicate with us through the provided channels.

As for Stoner Sciences, this episode should set the foundation for all your Weedsperiments you have brewing in that mind of yours.

Thanks again for listening and be sure to follow us on Twitter for frequent updates!

A Stoner’s Journey EP 13 – Traveling with Weed

What’s going on Stoners! Welcome to a new Episode of  “A Stoner’s Journey“. In this episode we’re talking about Traveling with Weed.

We don’t ever recommend that anyone breaks the law. However, if you are going to be doing it anyway, it’s best to be smart about it.

Traveling with Weed Rules

Firstly, you don’t ever want to travel with a lot of weed. Always have enough marijuana to dispose off rather quickly. Secondly, if you can, don’t travel with “buds” but rather travel with other forms of cannabis (wax, hash, edibles etc). It’s much more difficult to get caught when you don’t have physical weed on you.

Traveling with weed is risky business. If you travel with a lot of cannabis on you, you could easily be tried for intent to distribute.

Furthermore, if you’re going to be crossing international borders…it’s not wise to be traveling with weed at all!

DEA Assist! 

As mentioned within the PotCast…we spoke about a DEA agent that helps stoners not to get caught. The guy’s Youtube channel is called “Never Get Busted”. He’s got a lot of series on different things so please check it out. You’ll never get busted as the channel claims…granted you follow the tips.


Thanks for listening to us and keeping us coming back for more. IF you want to submit questions, you can do so at ForumDeStoners or on Twitter @stoner_journey

We love to hear from people who need to know more about the wonderful world of weed, so go ahead and drop your comment anywhere.

We are currently loading our Podbean account with all the backlogged episodes as well. You can check the channel out here

Thanks for listening and always keep on toking that reefer!

A Stoner’s Journey EP 12 – How to Grow Weed

Hi Stoners! Welcome to another episode of A Stoner’s Journey. Today we’re going to be talking about how to grow weed at home with minimal investment and a decent yield.

Splint & Jay have grown within different marijuana growing systems, and today they will be talking about their cheapest method for guerilla growing.

How to Grow Weed DIY

how to grow weedThe episode is dedicated to those who are on a tight budget but would like some quality weed. Thus, the two hosts talk about how to build a DIY grow box. They go over all of the essentials too;

  • Finding the right grow space (single Chamber or dual Chamber)
  • Finding the right lights
  • Which Grow Medium to Choose
  • Grow Cycles
  • Grow Tips
  • Flushing
  • Drying
  • Curing

The episode is one of the longer episodes and they could have gone for hours more. If you want more information about how to grow weed, then simply post your questions on ForumDeStoners or hit them up on their Twitter @Stoner_Journey

You can also follow them on their Podbean channel to keep up with the latest podcasts. They are currently uploading all of their old channels on Podbean, however every new episode will be posted here on PotCastSession first.

This is where A Stoner’s Journey all began, and the duo wants to be faithful to those who stuck by them since the beginning.

Final Words

We would like to thank you for supporting us, and some of the episodes have gone over 500 views! We’ll keep on working to deliver amazing content twice a week and we hope to answer all of your questions accordingly. If there is ever anything we forget or you disagree with, please reach out to us so we can have a discussion about it.

Splint & Jay both work in the cannabis industry within the digital sphere and have over 30 years of combined experience within the field of marijuana. Their entire aim is to illustrate that despite the fact that you may be a “stoner”, you can be productive, insightful and highly coherent.

Thanks again for listening and until next time…happy toking!

A Stoner’s Journey EP 9 – Weed Myths

marijuana mythsWhat’s good stoners! This is Jay & Splint coming to you with another episode of A Stoner’s Journey. Today we’re talking about Weed Myths, which was a question submitted by the user Wesley Pipes on ForumDeStoners. If you want to drop us a line, simply hit us up on the forum. We check it everyday.

So what about weed myths? How did they come to be?

Today we’ll be talking about three particular weed myths and have decided we’ll do a follow up episode on this one a few episodes further down.

Weed Myths 1 – Cannabis Users are Criminal

The first myth we tackle is the one about how marijuana users tend to be more criminal in their behavior. We go through the reasons how this myth came to be and dispute it with facts.

Weed Myths 2 – Demotivational Syndrome

The next myth we talk about is a common one. Smoke weed and you’ll become lazy. We go through the profile of the average stoner in terms of jobs, annual income and why a change in perspective might be seen as being “demotivated”.

Weed Myths 3 – Gateway Theory

This is probably one of the more known myths out there. We dispute the gateway theory myth with actual facts, statistics and consumption rates, pre and post legalization.


As always, thanks for tuning in and hearing us out. For more about our other projects, check us out on Smoking Joker and be sure to submit your questions on Forum De Stoners. We might be thinking of opening up a twitter so you guys can get in touch with us directly.

Once more, have a great one and keep on toking!

A Stoner’s Journey EP 8 – Alcohol VS Cannabis

What’s going on stoners! We’re back with another episode of A Stoner’s Journey and today we’re talking about Alcohol vs Cannabis. This debate has been going on for ages and today Splint and Jay talk about their personal experiences with both, especially after they had a run in with alcohol recently.

A Stoners Journey is all about showing the world that cannabis users are coherent, even if they are under the influence. The show is designed to challenge your thinking and engage in a conversation about the versatile world of cannabis.

Alcohol Vs Cannabis – What do we know?

alcohol vs cannabisSplint & Jay take on the Alcohol vs Cannabis debate by outlining the differences between the two including facts of deaths related to the substances. Of course, cannabis has claimed absolutely no lives…ever, whereas alcohol kills about 88,000 people in the U.S alone. Additionally, alcohol has been linked to roughly 40% of all violent crimes. This is something that you don’t see with cannabis.

You won’t get a hangover with cannabis. You won’t ever get “bear goggles with cannabis”. These are only a few of the differences between the two, the entire episode has much more value. Just give it a listen!

Alcohol vs Cannabis: Which is worse

alcohol vs cannabis

It all depends from the perspective you are looking from. In terms of health, cannabis poses a lesser risk to the user. However, if you’re looking at it through the perspective of morality. There is no difference at all. If you are a free individual, you should be allowed to put whatever into your own body as long as you don’t infringe on the freedoms of others. It’s a simple rule to follow and can be applied to all drugs.

Splint and Jay wrap up the entire potcast with a call to action to all people, “Let’s not discriminate because of substance choices.” This is something that we should all adapt, whether we smoke weed or drink booze. Nobody should be judged by their consumption choices.

But enough of that…just listen to the potcast and you’ll know what we’re talking about. As always, be sure to check out our other projects at Smoking Joker and be sure to follow us on all our social media channels!

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