Weed introspection

A Stoner’s Journey EP – 19 – Weed Introspection

What’s going on stoners! Welcome back to another Episode of “A Stoner’s Journey”. Today your hosts, Jay and MJ talk about weed introspection – is it a thing? While this might sound like a broad topic, the hosts actually touch base on some very interesting points.

Weed Introspection

Jay mentions in the episode that since he started smoking weed, he’s been undergoing a process of becoming ‘less stuck up’ about his ideas. He started taking a moment to look at things from a different perspective and thus entered into a cycle of introspection, questioning his own beliefs and so forth. There are many other cannabis users that have gone through the same process. In fact, even Reddit has a full on thread dedicated to this topic.

The fact of the matter is that when you smoke weed it shifts your perspective slightly, allowing you to view things in a different light. This is particularly one of the ideas that both MJ and Jay discuss in details within the podcast.

Does Weed Introspection work with everyone?

Obviously, this isn’t an exact science and considering that we’re talking about consciousness and the interpretation of reality, we can’t say this applies to everyone. However, the vast majority of the people who have smoked weed for elongated periods of time know that cannabis and introspection go together like peanut butter and jelly. There’s just something about the “high state” that allows one to enter easily into a state of inner reflection.

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Tomorrow we’ll be uploading another episode since we got backed up over the past week, but don’t worry, from this week we should be back on track.


Thanks for tuning in again and we hope you learned something new with cannabis and introspection.

Until next time…Happy Tokes!

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